Monthly Archives: May 2017

Mira Conklin B-Side – Starting Points for Engaging with Immigrants

Join us for a little bit more of our conversation with Mira Conklin and Beth Estock, where Mira shares about starting points for faith communities who want to engage with the immigrants in their midst.

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Mira Conklin – The Spiritual LIfe of a Community Organizer

Join us for a conversation with ELCA organizer and Missional Wisdom Foundation convenor Mira Conklin, about her work with immigrants in Portland, OR. Hear her share about the spiritual life of a community organizer, including the story of her journey from her Midwest home to working for immigrant rights, to the messiness of living into the contemplative stance, to how community organizing is like mutual footwashing.

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Allen and Sara Ewing-Merrill – Community Building With Immigrants

In our b-side this week, Allen and Sara shares their top pieces of advice for churches looking to build spiritual community with refugees in their community.

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Sara and Allen Ewing-Merrill – Meeting God in the Refugee

Join us for a conversation with Allen and Sara Ewing-Merrill, co-pastors of Hope GateWay, a United Methodist faith community in Portland,ME. Learn about their journey to becoming a multi-cultural community, the blessings and challenges of inviting immigrants into their midst, and what they’ve learned about God from those who come from other countries of origin.