Monthly Archives: October 2017

Laura and Jaybee Byrch- Living in Jesus’ Neighborhood

Join us for a conversation with everyday saints Laura and Jaybee Byrch, who live in Bradford Trailer Park in Boone, North Caroline. Hear about the daily rhythms of their lives, as they build community and learn about Jesus’ from the neighbors. You can find this episode and other conversations with other spiritual pioneers by subscribing to us with Apple Podcasts or by visiting our Facebook page:

Sean Steele – The Economics of God and What He Doesn't Know Yet

Join us for a little more of our conversation with Sean Steele, of Saint Isidore’s Episcopal Church, as he talks about how they measure their community’s impact and what he doesn’t know yet.

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Sean Steele – The Offensive Generosity of God

Join us for a conversation with Sean Steele, priest at Saint Isidore’s Episcopal Church, a network of “sacramental communities” in Houston, TX. Hear him share about the theophany that began his journey of faith, what it means to create brave space for excluded people’s, about the offensive generosity of free laundry, free haircuts, and a food truck, and what it means to hold the “yes” and the “no” as a spiritual leader.

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