Monthly Archives: January 2018

Ben Yosua-Davis B-Side: Our Dream Podcast Guests

Join us for a little more of our conversation between Beth Estock and Ben Yosua-Davis, where talks about his dream guests for season three. If you haven’t heard our full conversation, subscribe to us with your favorite podcast delivery service or visit our Facebook page.

Ben Yosua-Davis – The Spiritual Topography of our Religious Pioneers

Join us for our first conversation of season three, where Beth Estock talks with Reports host Ben Yosua-Davis. Hear them discuss the spiritual topography of our religious pioneers (5:00), how spiritual pioneers can call their traditions back to the best versions of themselves (16:00), the spiritual challenges of supervising people starting new faith communities (19:00), as well as Ben’s year in the “spiritual rock tumbler” (22:00),and how church planting should be a process of sanctification (36:00).