Monthly Archives: February 2018

Abigail Vizcarra-Perez- The Spiritual Ecology of Tacoma, Washington

Join us for a conversation with Rev. Abigail Vizcarra-Perez, poet and pastor of Connexion Tacoma, as she shares with us about Tacoma, Washington. Hear about the moment she fell in love with her city, bad-ass baristas at Starbucks, the spiritual ecology of Tacoma, Wolves and Laundry Lounges, and what place has taught her about church planting.

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Wayne Jacobsen B-Side – Stuck Pastors Getting Unstuck

In a little more of our conversation with Wayne Jacobsen, he talks about stuck pastors and stuck Christians, and asks our pastors, “How much time do you spend doing what you got in ministry to do?” You can hear the rest of our conversation by subscribing to us on Apple Podcasts or by visiting our Facebook page, at



Wayne Jacobsen – Following Jesus Out of Institutional Christianity

Join us for a conversation with Wayne Jacobsen, blogger at, co-author of the Shack, and recent author of Beyond Sundays as he describes his journey into post-institutional Christianity. Hear him how God told him “I’ve got much more to teach you if you leave then if you stay”, what he’s learned about trust, how he experiences spiritual community in his life currently, and his advice for those leaving institutional settings (and those who stay in traditional church contexts.)

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Rabbi Rachel Barenblat – We create worlds with our words

Hear a little bit more of our conversation with Rabbi Rachel Barenblat, where she shares the intersections between her faith and her vocation as a poet, and shares with a couple poems from her latest collection.

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Rabbi Rachel Barenblat – Joyful Life as A Religious Minority

Join us for a conversation with Rachel Barenblat, Co-Founder of Bayit: Your Jewish Home, blogger at Velveteen Rabbi, and Rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel in North Adams, MA, as we talk about her experience of life as a religious minority. Hear about how the gift of oddity, (9:30) the challenges and joys of being a religious minority (8:30), a more life-giving way to speak into Christian anxieties about Sunday sports, graying populations, and declining worship attendance, (15:00) and what it means to let new generations shape the tradition with their own hands (25:00).

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