Monthly Archives: June 2018

Dan Wolpert – the Spiritual Life of the Every-Pastor

Join us for a conversation with Dan Wolpert, co-founder of the Minnesota Institution for Contemplation and Healing (MICAH), and writer of “Creating a Life with God” about the spiritual life of the Every-Pastor. Hear Dan describe his own journey from contemplative practice into Christianity, the common spiritual contours of a typical pastor’s life, the stories that almost every religious leader tells themselves, the functional atheism of the typical mainline church, and what it means to live as if God is actually present and active in the world.

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Ramsey Patton – Cultivating Spiritual Community With the Differently Abled

Join us for a guest-hosted conversation with Rev. Ramsey Patton of Highland Park UMC, as she shares with us her experience of cultivating spiritual community with the differently abled through FEAST, a worship experience specifically designed for those disabilities and special needs. Hosted by Justin and Lisa Hancock, she explores the nuts and bolts of what worship looks like for those of different ability levels, the beautiful moments of grace, the challenges and opportunities of inviting people into spiritual formation and leadership, and the gifts of struggling, failing, and learning together.

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