Monthly Archives: November 2018

Wendy Hudson-Jacoby – The Freedom of A Truth-Telling Church

Join us for a conversation with Wendy Hudson-Jacoby, pastor of Two Rivers Church in Charleston, South Carolina, as she shares with us about the freedom of being a truth-telling church. Hear her talk about what drew her to this ministry, the ghosts of Charlestown, what it means to be a visibly anti-racist and inclusive church, and her vision for a series of neighborhood-based churches that can become homes for those with no spiritual home.

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Andrea Lingle – Staying At The Table For One More Minute

Join us for a conversation with Andrea Lingle of the Missional Wisdom Foundation, as she shares about how conflict can be a means of grace. Hear her share about how true community can be exhausting, what it means to thirst for righteousness rather than thirst for rightness, and first steps that communities can take to have conversations that convey both moral clarity and grace. Hear her also share about Missional Wisdom’s new book: Rooted in Grace, which is a practical primer for communities looking to have these type of difficult, grace-filled conversations.

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