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Randy Evans – Walking Tall With Our Unhoused Friends

Join us for a conversation with Randy Evans of Walking Tall in Wilmington, NC

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Why you should quit using the word “Homeless”
  • How Randy learned that the Christian way of life “is not a means to an end”
  • Why church volunteers struggle to cultivate friendships with those who are unhoused
  • The story of the time that Randy hosted 35 people, 4 dogs, and a three year old in his house during Hurricane Florence
  • Randy de-mythologizing himself and sharing the ways he’s still growing and healing

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  • Jerry Herships, pastor of AfterHours, which meets in bars and serves PB&J and Communion to his friends in public parks in Denver, CO.

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Stay tuned next for: A bonus episode where Randy talks more about how Walking Tall worships together and a frank conversation about Christian formation and new spiritual communities with Kenda Creasy-Dean of Princeton Seminary

Chris Jenkins – Restoring Hope (and Houses)

Join us for a conversation with Chris Jenkins of Hope Restorations in Kinston, North Carolina, as he shares his journey from personal grief to community transformation. Hear him tell the story of how they’re restoring hope and houses in his rural community; why they focus on hiring those who typically find it difficult to find work, why true communion means seeking those who are not yet at the table, and how joy and grief dance together.

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